Craft Fails

Craft Fails

In the spirit of sharing, honesty, openness, and just laughing at our own mistakes, let me introduce Craft Fails.

Sometimes you have a great creative project going, and it just tanks.  You know, you just botch it.  The idea is great, but something in the execution goes awry.  I’ve had many projects like this.  So what do you do?  Sometimes you power through it, and ignore your mistakes.  Sometimes you just want to cuss (yes, “cuss”, not swear or curse).  But what about the real failures?  Well, I think we should share those projects because shouldn’t we all laugh at ourselves once in awhile?  I’m fairly open, so I don’t mind sharing my disasters with you.  I hope that some of you will send in your craft fails from time to time, too.  For more information on that, see the Craft Fails page.

Now!  Down to business!

I’d like to share a few Fails today to get us started.  For our first project, I give you Exhibit #1, the failed sweater project.  Behold:

Craft Fails

This is a picture of my wonderful and kind husband, wearing the sweater I lovingly knitted for him over a few years with yarn I bought from a farm in Vermont.

How lovely!

How touching!

It’s sized for a giant.

Yes, I did a gauge (a little test swatch to see if your knitting is the same size as that of the pattern’s author).  Yes, I followed the pattern.  I even tried felting/fulling it (shrinking it in the washer and dryer).   You can fit at least two people in there.

Now, sometimes these failures make me so mad I just want to cuss but this one was so bad, we just laughed (and almost cried, in my case).  It was terrible!  Sometimes my husband uses it instead of a coat for sledding, so I guess it’s still useful.

That leads us to Exhibit #2, ANOTHER sweater fail!  This was supposed to be an A-line chunky sweater, but it morphed into…a maternity sweater.  You can see me wearing it while pregnant here.

Craft Fails

I tried to save this one by felting/fulling it also but, sadly, it didn’t help.  It did keep me warm when I didn’t have a maternity coat, though.  It’s all about perspective, right? (Right?)  It’s ok if you laugh.  I do, too, when I look at that picture.

Needless to say, I’m off sweaters for the time being.  I got a blast of false confidence when my first sweater fit perfectly.  Unfortunately, every sweater since has been giant-sized.  I’m sticking to hats at mittens and little things for now.

Finally, what about the project you think is success, only to find out, much later, that all those looks you were getting, that you may possibly have thought were looks of admiration, may possibly have been…um…not that.  Maybe people were laughing on the inside but, you know, it was on the inside, so you couldn’t see it.  It was kind of them to keep it inside, wasn’t it?

I give you, The Christmas Dress Made Without a Pattern.  A wonder of invention, draping, and stuff…

Craft Fails

Flattering, no?  Yeah, I thought I was so cool.  Looking at the pictures a few years out, I realize this was a craft fail.  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Yes, I am laughing about myself as I write.

Now, before I sign off, I just want to encourage you.  If you, like me, have worn your craft fails in public, do not dismay.  Fashion is fun, it’s experimental, and that outfit is just one day in your clothing life.  A vintage jewelry vendor at Brimfield once gave me the best fashion advice I’ve received.  If you like something, just wear it. Someone will probably think it’s awesome.


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  1. Thanks for the good laughs (and inspiration!) at your creative journey! Thanks for the reminder that being creative means taking risks and that successes mean there might be a few fails along the way!


  2. Isn’t ‘fail’ an anagram of ‘laif’ – which, in any good sewist’s dictionary, is the alternate spelling of laugh. Well – I’m sure I found it in my dictionary, cuz I’ve used it so often. 😆 Thanks for the laifs. 😀


  3. My mom, a VERY experienced knitter, made a sweater for one year. It fit the first wearing but just kept stretching and stretching….. Dale, being kindhearted kept wearing it but when he was about to trip over the hem decided to give it to a REALLY large friend (we are talking 400+ pounds) and it grew too large for him too my mom pronounced it a failure

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  4. Thanks for the laughs……I have had my share of craft failures over the years as well. It was a good reminder to learn to laugh at yourself instead of being hard on yourself!!!!! Maybe Scott could wear that sweater with leggings or you could cut it up and make a maxi coat for your oldest? :o) :o)


  5. Those sweater arms would make great bolsters!!! Along with a throw pillow or two from the body and you would have enough for a complete sofa!! …just in case it needs a use in its next existence. 🙂


  6. Oh my gosh you had me cracking up with your husband’s sweater! And the look on his face is priceless. I know this was quite a long time ago but I saw you linked it in a reply to Heather’s (Closet Case Files) post. My husband loved it too. I haven’t laughed to the point of tears in my eyes in a long time. Of course I’VE never knitted an adult sized sweater because I’m too scared. I knitted a baby one once and the girl couldn’t wear it until she was about 4 years old. So yeah, I’m sure I’d do the same thing! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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