What does the fox say?


I thought you might like a look at my Halloween costume for this year.  I decided to be a fox.  My real motivation was that Chipotle was offering $3 burritos to anyone who came into the store in costume after 4pm on Halloween.  I really want to dress up every year, but never actually come up with a costume.  This was finally enough to push me over the edge.  (Yea!)  Here’s what I came up with:

What Does the Fox Say?

This costume was put together courtesy of the thrift store and my closet.  The orange shirt was thrifted.  The shirt, black leggings, and black boots I already owned (I think they were originally from Gap, Old Navy, and the Bass outlet respectively).  I found the tail in our dress-up box.  I think it was a fur collar that someone gave us with some other dress-up things.  The white was felt that I cut little buttonholes in and buttoned and safety-pinned onto my shirt.  The bow-tie was a little bow I found in my sewing odds and ends box and the ears are pipe cleaners attached to a headband.  I also added black gloves that I had around, and I bought some cheapo make-up and face-paints to complete my fox look.

What Does the Fox Say?

It’s lucky that I have a culturally savvy friend who brought me up to speed on what’s happening on the fox scene these days (Thanks, Catherine!).  Now when people ask me, “What does the fox say?”, I can answer, “Three cheers for Chipotle!” (or ring-a-ding-ding-ding…ding…ding…nobody really knows what foxes say)


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