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Remember when we talked about “flair“?  Sometimes it only takes a little detail or two to make clothing (or anything) just a little more special.  I recently updated one of my t-shirts to give it that extra something.  I thought you might like to see the results.

Add some fun stitches!

Add some fun stitches!

This is a shirt I got last year from Lands’ End.  It’s a good shirt, but was a little big and a little plain.  I gave it the re-sizing treatment I’ve mentioned before to slim it down, and then added some stitches around the top.  I got the idea from Pinterest, which led me to this blog post about altering a sweatshirt.  Well, that got me off on a whole Fair Isle/Scandinavian design tangent (that tangent hasn’t ended yet…and now it’s winter, so…it’ll be ongoing).

Anyway…..I’ve been inspired to work on my hand sewing by Alabama Chanin (that company has been, and will be, a recurring theme here 🙂  ).  So, I picked a few stitches and, using embroidery floss, put them onto the shirt.  I can always add more, or leave it as is.  I can tell my stitches need work, but what better way to work on them than this?

stitching detail

stitching detail

This project has completely changed the way I think about this shirt.  It went from being one that I rarely wore to one that I love to wear.

I have two more shirts in my stash to alter, plus the two that I’m sewing together into a new one.  So, hopefully…eventually…you’ll get to see how those turn out, too.  I’m thinking some reverse applique, maybe some sequins….who knows?


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