Craft Fail: One size fits all pants


I got sucked in.

I was pregnant, and I wanted pajama pants that would fit me while pregnant and afterward (just humor me and pretend that elastic-waisted pants aren’t the obvious solution).  So…I found a pattern online for these one size fits all type pants.  SO BRILLIANT!

Or so I thought…

Somehow, once created, these weren’t the wonder pants of my dreams.

Pretty cool, huh?

Pretty cool, huh?

I followed the pattern and all, but once I tried them on, I realized a few things.  Um….how should I put this?  Well, a baby wears diapers….so I guess it could sort of be a mother-child look-alike outfit…or something?

Sort of looks like diaper pants...

Sort of looks like diaper pants…

I’m not sure if these pictures display the true and full diaper-like nature of these pants, so I’ll include a few more below (it also sort of feels like you are wearing a diaper when you have them on).  Beyond the diaper thing, the thighs were a bit snug.  So much for one size fits all (or even one size fits most).

As I was discussing these with a friend of mine, she said they reminded her of some pants she had seen once where the side seams were unsewn, with a tie in the front and back (unlike these, which only have a tie in the back), so you could truly customize them.  Once she said that, it brought to mind some Thai pants I had seen once that were a similar style.  I think those might have been better….

Anyway, you could try to make the best of this.  Here is what they could look like dressed up!

That's my modelling face.  Don't you think I'm a natural?  ;)

That’s my modelling face. Don’t you think I’m a natural? 😉

They can even be worn by men!  Our friend Caleb agreed to model them for you guys.

"One size fits all" pants AND giant sweater!

“One size fits all” pants AND giant sweater!

We thought it would be fun to combine the pants and the Giant Sweater from this post.  I’m pretty sure this is the “I love this outfit SO MUCH!!!!!!!” smile.  Thanks, Caleb!

So, while these pants seemed like a brilliant idea, they didn’t turn out so brilliant.  Maybe those pants with the unsewn sides would be better…..I could try that version some day!!!!  What do you think?  😉


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