Framed Chalkboard


I love to find a treasure.  I’m also a big fan of the idea that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  This piece of home décor was, literally, a piece of trash that I found on the side of the road.

Around here people often put things on the side of the road that they don’t want anymore, and other people drive by and take them home (Brilliant, right?  I love it!).  If you see something, though, you really need to stop THAT MOMENT and grab it, or it’s gone.

So, my treasure?  An ornate picture frame.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a “before” picture, but here is the final product, all set up for Christmas:

Chalkboard picture frame via Pattern and Branch

The frame was empty when I found it, so I cleaned it off with a damp rag and sprayed it with Rustoleum spray paint.  Then I went to a home improvement store and bought some Masonite (which they kindly cut to size for me).  The back of the frame had a place where you could slide a thin board in, and the Masonite was the perfect fit.  I sprayed the Masonite with chalkboard paint, and slid it in.  All that was left was to screw in some eye-hooks and add wire to hang it.

I love the beautiful frame and the bright color it brings to a room.  When I’m on my game, I write or draw different things for different times of year.  Sometimes we put up quotes, too.  Whether it’s decorated or not, it makes a great backdrop.

Here are pictures of it in some of its other decorative states.

Chalkboard Frame (Nativity Scene) via Pattern and Branch

Last year’s Nativity Scene

Chalkboard Frame (Lesson of the Day) via Pattern and Branch

For awhile we had a “Lesson of the Day”.

One of the best things about this project was that it was pretty quick, and it’s very versatile.  Everyone can use a big statement piece, right?  And something like this can have any statement you want.  😉


About Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch)

I love sewing and taking pictures! Pattern and Branch is my sewing blog with periodic photography posts (and occasional other side wanderings). It's a journal of my creative practice that I hope will add to the wider community and serve as a personal record to help me remember the details of my projects (because sometimes I need help with that). Welcome to this space! Join in the conversation!

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  1. What a great find! I’m with you Lisa. Virtually all my furniture is “Dumpster Dives”. Either I slip cover it, refinish it, or my Mom used to reupholster pieces for me. And you are correct, if you don’t grab when you see it; it’ll be gone the next time you go by. Just picked up some shelving last week. I also set things out I no longer need or want out and with in a day or so they are gone! I have been a recycle and reuse girl long before it was fashionably green. ( Mostly because I’m cheap!)
    Keep on “diving”!!!


  2. Love this idea! I’m officially stealing it – need one for my studio. I used to have an easel-style chalkboard as a kid and would wet the chalk and draw pictures on it. Reinstituting that one. 🙂 Thanks for posting!


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