Finished Project! Leather Pants!


I think any finished project involving leather pants really needs an exclamation point after it.  Don’t you?  😉

So, I bought these from the thrift store for $15.  They’re made by GUESS, and I think they may have retailed for somewhere in the $150/$200 range (which makes me feel like I got a good deal).

Leather pants revival (Pattern and Branch)

Leather pants with side seams ripped out in preparation for their new look.

I wanted to try sewing leather, so my plan was to turn these into a simple clutch or something like that.  But they were so soft…and nice…and AWESOME, so I changed my mind.  I decided to try to make them fit me, especially considering that leather/stretchy knit pants are currently on trend.  This is a good thing, since they were originally so small I could only pull them up to just above my knees.  So, I spent some Christmas money and got some wool double knit (I took my cue from The Selfish Seamstress.).  It was pricey for me (it doesn’t take much for fabric to seem “pricey” in my world), but man!  That stuff is gorgeous!

So, the short version is that I sewed a strip on each side and it worked, but I was sweating it, I’ll tell you.  This was definitely borderline between craft fail and success there for awhile.  When it comes to fitting clothing, I really don’t know what I’m doing.  I cut some extra wide strips of the double knit, sewed elastic into the top, and then sewed the back seams of the side panels.  Then, I laid my favorite jeans on top to get an idea of the shape on the sides.

 "Fitting" the leather pants (Pattern and Branch)

Somehow, what I came up with didn’t seem wide enough, so I extended the shape out 1.5 inches on each side to where I had decided I wanted to sew the double knit waistband section to the pants front.  Then, I went for it, leaving the bottoms unfinished so I could try them on before hemming.

They seemed to fit pretty well, so I hemmed the pants and finished sewing the leg seams.  I wasn’t sure about the length, which is perfect if you have a bit of a heel, but a little long without one, but after wearing them tonight with some flat shoes, I think they are alright as they are.  I still need to fix up the lining inside, but on the whole, I love these pants!  They aren’t perfect or even the most flattering pants in the world, but I went for it, it worked well enough to wear, and I have leather pants now!  How cool is that?

Here are some finished photos.

Leather pants revival (Pattern and Branch)

 Leather pants revival (Pattern and Branch)

And just in case you needed an idea of what to wear when you go OUTSIDE in your leather pants, may I propose this?

Leather pants revival (Pattern and Branch)

Doesn’t everyone need a faux fur coat to go with their leather pants?

Leather pants revival (Pattern and Branch)

Yes, everyone DOES need a faux fur coat to go with their leather pants.

Hm, that coat is supposed to be material for another project, but I’m starting to sort of like it as is, so we’ll see.  We wouldn’t want to keep things too normal around here, would we?  😉


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  1. I love this post Lisa!!! You are so creative and resourceful…God did a great job when He put you together. Hope you are all surviving the winter weather. We are snowed in again here in Michigan. Mom’s work was cancelled for tomorrow so we may try to go Cross Country Skiing. You do look stylish in those leather pants and faux fur coat. Rock on sister!!!


  2. Wow. Those pants are dope! They look especially good from the back!!! Nice job. If I send you a pair of my jeans, will you start making me pants, too!? 🙂

    I have did this to a pair of jeans a long time ago (added a strip of fabric down the side seam). Pretty sure it was mustard-colored corduroy on blue jeans. Yikes. I might have to dig up a picture to share. We could both have a good laugh!


    • Thanks! I’m a fan of mustard-colored fabric, so I’d probably like those jeans! You know, maybe you should move here (or I should move to CA every winter) and we could make rad clothing. 🙂 Sounds like a good plan, no?


  3. Great job, Lisa. You are fearless and creative. Keep up the great work. And , no, I don’t want you to move to California. ;+) Michigan would be awesome, though. Being snowed in has its benefits……machine quilting a quilt right now. :×)


  4. Kudos, Lisa, for going for it! They look great – and a fur coat is just the thing.:) Pants are another project I haven’t taken the leap with, yet. But I did get a Craftsy class about making jeans, and will do it soon. Just as soon as my sewing machine cord is installed. 🙂
    BTW – I did do that jewelry website. Take a look and see what you think – I’d love some objective feedback. I’ll have a shop on there and one on Etsy soon.
    Keep making projects and sharing. It’s inspiring to the rest of us!


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