Top 10 Cures for Winter Blahs


This one goes out to all those who live in the Northern Hemisphere…in the colder places.  Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere can revisit this one at the end of your winter…for now, please send us warm weather!

Beat the Winter Blahs (Pattern and Branch)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with winter, even though it’s not technically over until March 20.  On that date, all snow will magically disappear, the weather will get up into the 50’s, (or higher!), and flowers will bloom.  It will be lovely.  At least, this is what I keep telling myself.  But until then, here is how I’ve been fighting the winter blahs.  Get ready to use your imagination and “pretending skills”.

1.  NEON.  Yes, neon is back from the dead, so use it to your benefit.  My nails are covered in neon yellow (by Revlon, from Target) at present and I now own three colors of neon earrings from Claire’s.  Today I wore pink.

Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel

2.  Color in general.  Add color to your wardrobe!  I mean, we should all do this all the time, but until I lived up north, I never knew what it was to CRAVE color.  So, I wear it.  Currently, I’m a fan of blues, greens, yellow, pink, etc., etc.

3.  Surfing movies.  This started with Soul Surfer.  Let me warn you:  it’s a slippery slope!  Netflix has a lot of surf documentaries, and you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy them!  But sometimes…these surfers go to COLD places!  Beware!  When you see them pull out those wetsuits, they have ventured away from Hawaii.  If that happens, you can always watch Kelly Slater in Tahiti.  Even if you hate surfing, just vow to only watch movies set in warm places.

4.  Obsessively check weather websites with month-views.  Then you can see that the weather should be getting warmer later in the month.  Whenever you see it dip back down into the 20’s, tell yourself it will change by the time that day comes around.

5.  Visit greenhouses.  Buy flowers.  Or just tape pictures of flowers around your house.

Beat the Winter Blahs (Pattern and Branch)

6.  Start sewing, thrifting, or otherwise shopping for an Easter outfit.  Remember, Jesus is risen!  It’s a party!  No black!  (See point #2.)

Beat the Winter Blahs (Pattern and Branch)

Last year’s Easter outfit. I loved this one….

7.  Exercise.  I hit a point this winter where I felt REALLY cranky and like I wanted to scream and run out of our house (sometimes we’re dramatic over here).  That was when I went back to the gym…and I’m much happier with a little bit of exercise.  If you aren’t part of a gym, you could become a mall-walker!  (I’m not actually kidding about that.)

8.  Drink coffee.  With caffeine.  That always makes me happy.  And nicer.  Just don’t drink too much or you won’t be able to stop talking and you’ll start to twitch.

Beat the Winter Blahs (Pattern and Branch)

9.  If you have kids, sign them up for swimming lessons.  Hey, I know it’s weird, but then you get to sit and watch them swim in that warm indoor pool air.  You could wear a tank top and flip flops and pretend it’s summer.  Or you could go to a sauna.  Or just sit in front of a space heater.

10.  Have summer in the winter!  Last week we cranked up the heater and put on shorts and t-shirts.  Then we made hamburgers on our Foreman grill and had cranberry shortcake.  It’s not the same as strawberry, but it’s still good.  Tim Gunn would tell you to make it work!

Yes, there is a lot of suspension of reality involved in these suggestions, but sometimes living in a dream world can be good for you and everyone around you.  Don’t worry, eventually spring will catch up to you and you can go back to living in reality.


About Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch)

I love sewing and taking pictures! Pattern and Branch is my sewing blog with periodic photography posts (and occasional other side wanderings). It's a journal of my creative practice that I hope will add to the wider community and serve as a personal record to help me remember the details of my projects (because sometimes I need help with that). Welcome to this space! Join in the conversation!

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  1. Ah Lisa, great tips. How much do you love when Market Basket (grocery store) has those lovely bunches of daffodils for only $3. I always buy a bunch or two!
    I’ve already started shopping for new spring clothes for my wardrobe. Light weight jeans in buttery yellow, long flowing navy skirt, bright turquoise and magenta tees. Can’t wait to throw those babies on!
    I’ve even started my spring cleaning early. Finally, purging my basement clutter. Can only get rid of a little at a time though because of the snow…no place to put all the throw-aways? But that’s O.K. At least I’m making a dent in it and by the time the real spring has sprung that will be done and I can concentrate on my garden. (another great thing to do: start your seeds indoors now, so they’ll be ready to plant when the ground in thawed and the sunshine abundant!!!!!)

    Thanks for “Thinkin’ Spring”.


    • I do love those bouquets! I always look forward to them. Sounds like you are ahead of the game! I’m so impressed. Nice tip on the flowers, too. That’s a good idea (and something I should be doing). I slacked on the garden last year, so this year we need to do something good. 🙂


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