Liebster Award


I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award by Nicole of the blog Sewing with Scooby Snacks!  Thanks!

Liebster Award (Pattern and Branch)

According to Nicole, a Liebster Award helps new bloggers connect and become active in the blogosphere.  She’s given me several questions to answer.  Then I have to nominate  11 blogs with 500 or fewer followers and ask them some questions of my own (as well as leaving them a comment letting them know they’ve been nominated).  It sounds like fun to me, so here are my answers to Nicole’s questions.


What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

That’s a tough question, but it would probably involve eating something sugary.  I really love sugar.


Why did you start your blog and how long have you been blogging?

I started my blog for a few reasons.  I wanted to share my creative pursuits and hopefully inspire others to try new things just as I’ve been inspired by many of the blogs I read.  I also wanted to try blogging as a potential future job.  I’m testing the waters to see if I like blogging, if I want to do it long-term, and if I want to do it just for myself or professionally sometime down the road.  I began the blog last year, in September.


What is your favorite post that you have ever written? (please provide the link)

I have to admit that I had a lot of fun writing my Craft Fails post.  It’s also been my most popular post to date, mainly because of the picture of my husband.  I keep hoping other people will submit their craft fails for me to post.  We’ll see…

Craft Fail: Giant Sweater


Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.


#1:  My favorite book from probably the 7th grade on has been Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

#2:  I have taken out a recreational clamming license the last two years.  Clamming is so cool!  Our town even has a Shellfish Constable!

#3:  I love going to the Brimfield Antique Show in western Massachusetts.  My record is 12 hours of shopping.  I love it so much that my cousin Adam told me I should only speak the name of Brimfield in a whisper.  BRIMFIELD!

#4:  I like edible flowers–planting them and eating them.

#5:  I went to a Moody Blues concert in high school.  I think I was the only high schooler there–everyone else was either my parents’ age or a baby.  And yes, it was awesome!  (Wow!  I just looked them up to add a link, and they’re still touring!)

#6:  Once some Catholic sisters tried to convince me I didn’t need a boyfriend and I should join their order.  If I wasn’t already dating my future husband…and wasn’t already Protestant…I might have been tempted.  They were the coolest.

Oh, whoops.  I kind of got into the random facts.  #6 can be a bonus.


What project have you created that you are most proud of? (crafts or cooking)

That’s tough.  It changes all the time, but I was pretty happy with the dress I made for my cousin’s wedding last year.

“Let’s start at the very beginning…” with a dress

This dress was made from thrifted knit sheets


What is your all time favorite movie?

I don’t have just one.  A few favorites are Babette’s FeastLabyrinth, Cold Comfort Farm, Out of Africa, etc., etc.


What sparks your creativity?

Seeing the work of others and wanting to try new things.  Sometimes I get ideas from books or magazines (or Pinterest or blogs), sometimes I see something I want in a store but can’t afford, sometimes I just want to try something I’ve never tried before.


If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Hm, that’s tricky.  I could live in my town for the rest of my life, I love it so much.  But there are times I want to live closer to my family or…in Italy…


If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Of course I would wish for more wishes!  Does it have to be something other than that?


What is your favorite restaurant?

I don’t know that I have a favorite restaurant in all the world (there are so many good ones), but I do love Bertucci’s pizza, so I’ll pick them for this one.


What has been your biggest challenge?

In life?  Probably fighting against my own selfishness and fallen human nature.  Let’s just say I’m thankful to know Jesus so I don’t have to stay in that rut forever.


That was fun!  I’ll have to figure out who to pass this award on to and what to ask them.  Stay tuned!


About Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch)

I love sewing and taking pictures! Pattern and Branch is my sewing blog with periodic photography posts (and occasional other side wanderings). It's a journal of my creative practice that I hope will add to the wider community and serve as a personal record to help me remember the details of my projects (because sometimes I need help with that). Welcome to this space! Join in the conversation!

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  1. Congrats on the award…that is fantastic!!!! Love reading your answers to the questions…I vote for you moving closer to family. :o) :o) Love ya…Mom


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