Try It (In New England): Candlepin Bowling


One of the really great discoveries I made while living in New England for a year in high school was candlepin bowling.  Candlepin bowling is the same basic idea as regular bowling, but you use a small, shotput-sized ball, and straighter, thinner pins.  You also get to bowl three times per turn and take two turns in a row, but you are still trying to knock down as many pins in a turn as possible by rolling a ball down a lane.

Candlepin Bowling (Pattern and Branch)

Some of my friends in high school were convinced that candlepin bowling was the norm in the United States and “big ball bowling” was a weird fringe sport that only existed in a few places in New England.  That, of course, was not true, but what was (is) true, is that candlepin bowling is the coolest!  Not only do you get more turns (one of my favorite parts), you also have a ball that is light and easy to handle for little ones on up to those who are much “older and wiser”.

Candlepin Bowling (Pattern and Branch)

Candlepin Bowling (Pattern and Branch)

As you can see, we visited Cape Ann Lanes in Gloucester, MA.  The paint is a little worn on the outside, but inside it was bright, clean, and friendly.  And for those of us who needed bumpers, they were available (BUMPERS:  not only for children.).

Candlepin Bowling (Pattern and Branch)

Candlepin Bowling (Pattern and Branch)

Apparently candlepin bowling also exists in parts of Canada and in a few other places as well.  You can read more about it here.

Lastly, no matter where you live, if you have kids or will be hanging out with kids during the remainder of the summer, check out KidsBowlFree to see if any of your local bowling alleys participate.


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