Simplicity 1699


It feels like a long time since I had a sewing project to share with you, so I’m very happy to show you my finished version of Simplicity 1699 (top B).

Simplicity 1699 (Pattern and Branch)

Simplicity 1699 by Pattern and Branch

Simplicity 1699 by Pattern and Branch


You may remember that I mentioned going to Pattern Review Day in Boston a few months ago.  When I was there, we did a pattern swap, something I had never done before.  For this swap, you could bring up to five patterns to give, and take as many patterns as you brought.  One of the patterns I brought home was Simplicity 1699.

Simplicity 1699 (Pattern and Branch)

Simplicity 1699 (Pattern and Branch)

I needed a few tops that I could wear in settings that required something nicer than a t-shirt, like to church or baby showers or to work events for my husband, so I thought I would give Top B a try.  I didn’t have any peplum tops, so this seemed like a good opportunity to try one out.

I realize that it would have been smarter and safer to go to a store and try some one (which I did a little) and/or to make a muslin of the top before sewing it in my nice wax print fabric, but I’m a recovering impatient sewer (at least I hope I’m recovering), so it’s still a bit hard to make myself slow down enough to make a muslin (test garment) or finish seams.  I wasn’t sure if the top would fit, since I’m a different size on the top than on the bottom, but I told myself I would go for it and rip out seams and adjust things if it didn’t work.  Thankfully, it fits!  (Sometimes being impatient does pay off, but you probably shouldn’t spread that around.  I think it’s supposed to be a secret.)

Here’s how it looks on a professional model…one of those models that’s so happy and has such a good life that you want to buy everything she is wearing so that your life will be that happy and good:

Simplicity 1699 on a super-happy model (Pattern and Branch)

Oh, wait.  That’s me.  Well, I guess you should all make this shirt so you can be as happy as I am.  😉  Or maybe you just need a photographer as good at directing models as my husband is.  He doesn’t even do this for his regular job, and look at these professional pictures.  Yes, my life is perfect.

OK.  Let’s get serious.  Here are the rest of the shots.

Simplicity 1699 (Pattern and Branch)

Simplicity 1699 (Pattern and Branch)

Simplicity 1699 (Pattern and Branch)

My (slightly) more serious comments are that modeling things is not easy.  Also, I have to smile in my pictures now.  I can’t try to do the moody model look because my Grandma told me I should smile.  And we should all listen to our grandmas (especially when they’re as awesome as mine).

So…as I mentioned, I used the wax print I got several months ago for the body of the shirt.  The fabric came in a six yard length, so I still have some left.  Maybe I’ll make pants…I’m not sure.  The collar is a brocade (I think–I’m still learning all the types of fabrics) that I got at an estate sale.  I tried to sort of center the designs on the shirt front and on the collar.  I don’t have much practice in this area, so I’m happy with how it turned out.  The pattern was pretty easy to sew.  Since I had trouble following the directions on my bathing suit, I used post-it flags (those rectangular post-its for marking pages) to help me keep my place.  I used my bust measurement to choose my size, and hoped for the best.  I am a larger size from the waist down, but thankfully there was enough ease in the pattern that it fits.  Any smaller, though, and I would have had to let some seams out.  I’ve debated trying out the pants on the pattern envelope in this same fabric, but it’s not exactly a bottom-weight, so I don’t know how that would go.  Any thoughts from sewers out there?  I looked in a book by Sandra Betzina and saw something about adding another layer of fabric in order to strengthen lighter weight fabric when making pants.  Maybe I’ll try that.  We’ll see.  I have some other projects to delve into before I take that on.

Final take on the shirt?  It’s great.  I like the style.  I like the fit.  The pattern was easy to follow.  I’m going back now that I know it fits and zigzagging in the seam allowances so they won’t fray, and then I will consider it finished!



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  1. I noticed your new top in that beautiful fabric as I sat behind you in Sunday School. I was going to say something and should have, but at the time you were chatting with others. So let me say, “Fabulous! Love it! Cute collar.” Another great sewing project. Thanks for inspiring me.


    • Thanks, Gretchen. You know, I’ve been telling people at church you are like a “sleeper agent” of creativity. No one knows the true breadth of your skills. (Maybe that’s not the right analogy…)I’m always inspired by your Pinterest feed, and I always look forward to seeing you.


  2. Love the top, Lisa. Since it is lighter weight, what about a skirt out of the remainder of the fabric? Just a thought….You did a great job. Love that you listen to your Grandma…I listen to her too, since she is my mom!!!!!


  3. That first picture of you and your funny description made me so happy. Your top is awesome, I wish I knew how to sew. You look great and your grandma is definitely right about your smile. Miss you.


  4. This looks great on you! You did a great job with pattern placement; I love how the blue star is centered on the front of the top and becomes a focal point. I can’t believe you got so lucky as to have the top fit right out of the envelope – maybe your life really is perfect, ha. 🙂 I definitely think the peplum style agrees with you too.


    • Thanks, Carolyn! I keep feeling like if I was a true master of pattern placement, I could do really amazing things with that fabric, but I’m not there yet, so I’m happy with how this turned out. Thanks for the kind words.


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