The Mad Hatter Comes to Tea


Inspired by the hope of a cheap burrito at Chipotle (only $3!), I created a Halloween costume again this year.  Maybe you remember my fox costume from last year.  This year, I was the (Mad) Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The Mad Hatter (Pattern and Branch) The Mad Hatter (Pattern and Branch) The Mad Hatter (Pattern and Branch)

All the elements of the outfit were items I already owned, with the exception of the bow tie, which was just a piece of fabric I folded up and tied and then tied around my neck, and the hat.  I made the hat by looking at pictures of hats others had made, but I leaned most heavily on this tutorial.  I didn’t follow every step, but if you ever want to make a high-quality, long-lasting Mad Hatter hat, Badia’s tutorial is the one to use.  This pin from Pinterest also helped.  I went for medium quality, but it turned out great and people easily figured out who I was.  Also, I got a burrito from Chipotle for $3, so it was totally worth it.


About Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch)

I love sewing and taking pictures! Pattern and Branch is my sewing blog with periodic photography posts (and occasional other side wanderings). It's a journal of my creative practice that I hope will add to the wider community and serve as a personal record to help me remember the details of my projects (because sometimes I need help with that). Welcome to this space! Join in the conversation!

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