A Look Back at Winter (Wait…)


Happy first day of Spring to all you people of the Northern Hemisphere.  Any New England readers?  Yeah, sorry.  It doesn’t feel like spring here.  After trying to be “in the moment” and enjoy winter and all that, I got kind of grumpy yesterday.  But every time I started to complain, that idea that unhappiness often comes from expectations not meeting reality kept swimming to the forefront of my mind.  Maybe I needed to change my expectations.  I have to tell you that I’m not doing a wonderful job of this, but I’m trying to reframe my expectation from, “Spring should be here RIGHT NOW!!!!!” to “Spring will come…someday.”  Like I said, it’s a struggle.

I was preparing a spring-related post for you yesterday when I found these VERY wintry pictures on my camera, some of which were too snowy not to share, so here’s a look back at winter in northeast Massachusetts, where we broke records for snowiest winter, coldest month, longest stretch below freezing, and so on.  And I give all the Canadians and northern New Englanders permission to laugh and say, “Cry me a river–that’s normal for us.”  Southerners, though….if you felt gypped by winter and are really sad you had no snow, please come visit.  You can take some of ours home with you!

A Snowy Winter in Massachusetts

I went with my parents to look at the snow on Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  When I was younger, we lived mostly in the southeastern parts of the US, and I couldn’t fathom the idea that there could be snow on a beach, because beaches were where you went when it was warm.  Even after all these years of living in New England, I still think it’s weird/cool that there can be snow on a beach.

A Snowy Winter in Massachusetts

A Snowy Winter in Massachusetts

A Snowy Winter in Massachusetts

A Snowy Winter in Massachusetts

A Snowy Winter in Massachusetts

A Snowy Winter in Massachusetts

My Dad took this picture of my Mom and me by one of the walls of snow.  We couldn’t believe how high they were!

Now, I’m praying every day for spring.  I hope you are having a wonderful, sunny, lovely, flower-filled spring if you find yourself in the northern half of the world.



About Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch)

I love sewing and taking pictures! Pattern and Branch is my sewing blog with periodic photography posts (and occasional other side wanderings). It's a journal of my creative practice that I hope will add to the wider community and serve as a personal record to help me remember the details of my projects (because sometimes I need help with that). Welcome to this space! Join in the conversation!

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  1. The fact that it’s snowing today (AGAIN) is making me a little grumpy, not gonna lie! But yes, spring will come “eventually”… maybe sometime before the fall, hopefully? 🙂


  2. I love the pictures!! I especially like the “snow on the beach” very cool! I am from Northern Ontario Canada and we get a ton of snow and below freezing temperatures every winter. I remember what it was like to look forward to spring so badly…..hang in you are almost there 🙂


  3. I am right there with you struggling to cope with what feels like eternal NH winter. I keep looking at the snow in our back yard and swearing at it. We just had a week in Florida visiting family and I can’t figure out if it helped or not!! After spending a day bitching about not being able to go outside and be active I chose to burn off my energy by spring cleaning our ENTIRE house. I am not sure it helped my mood but at least I can be cranky in a clean house now 😉


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