Gateways to Sewing Knowledge


Well, my friends, I have a project to share with you, but…I got sidetracked.  I’m part of a fledgling sewing group, and since some of our members are newer to sewing than others, I made up a list of resources to share.  I love sharing resources, and the benefit of doing it on a blog is that you feel like people are listening!  And they are going to try your recommendations!  It’s the best.

Gateway to Sewing Knowledge!

One of my friend’s husbands suggested that I should also post the list on my blog, which I thought was a brilliant idea.  So, although I should be prepping the post on my latest project, I got into tweaking my list for them and making it into a page for the blog, and I wanted to give you a heads up, so you could check it out for yourself.  Hopefully you will find something new and helpful as you delve deeper into the sewing realm.  There are a few location-specific things I kept on there, but I figured that if any of you live in this area or get a chance to visit, it could be helpful.  And…if you have your own recommendations to add, I would love to see them in the comments of this post.  I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.  Thanks!

You can find the new page here or at the top of my main blog page under “Gateways to Sewing Knowledge”.


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