Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

So…I may have made this t-shirt last spring, and am just now blogging it.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)
front view

And maybe it’s been hanging up on a hanger near my sewing machine waiting patiently to be blogged after only having been worn a handful of times. Yikes.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)
back view

Now that it’s getting cooler again, I want to wear this shirt! I love those leopards! Not leopard print, but actual leopards, which I like much better.

This is the Thread Theory Woodley Tee in the women’s sizing, sewn up in 100% cotton jersey from Joann’s POP kids fabric line plus some ribbing, which I think is 100% cotton, although it may contain some spandex. I really like this new line, and find a lot of fabrics and prints I like for me, as well as prints I would use if I were making clothes for kids. Unfortunately, I don’t see these two fabrics on their site, so they may be sold out. In the past, I have felt pretty unimpressed with the fabric selection at Joann’s, but in recent years, they have started to sell more options that I really like.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

The Woodley Tee is a relaxed-fit t-shirt that’s meant to be a great basic.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

I was really excited to try this since my preferred t-shirt fit of late is more relaxed. I also like that you can use low-stretch knit fabric with this pattern. I made version 1, the solid color/long sleeve option.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

When I looked at the finished measurements, I decided to size up one size. After sewing the shirt, I think I would always do that on the arms, as I wouldn’t want them to fit any closer. They’re just right one size up. I could go either way on the body. Probably I would size up one again, as I did here, but if I didn’t, I think it would also be fine.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

As for construction, it was pretty straightforward with one addition you don’t always see in t-shirt patterns. This pattern has a shoulder binding on the inside that works to stabilize the shoulders (so you don’t have to sew in elastic or twill tape) and gives a really professional finish.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

I won’t say I managed to sew it in perfectly. I found it a little tricky, but I got it well enough in the end. To be fair, I doubted the instructions since they didn’t tell you to stabilize the shoulders at the beginning, so I went ahead and did it myself with twill tape. Then I got down to the shoulder binding and realized I should have just trusted the pattern (or read all the way through before starting). Since the shoulders were already stabilized, I didn’t bother to cut my fabric on grain. I just cut it on the cross grain to save fabric and since my fabric was directional. Next time, hopefully, I’ll just do what the pattern says.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

Other than that little hiccup, everything went great! I skipped the pocket, used the serger on the main seams, and zigzagged the hem. Initially I wasn’t sure how I liked the shirt, but now I’m into it.

Thread Theory Woodley Tee in Cotton Jersey (with Leopards!)

I like the fit and the fun design on the fabric. I think I would make this again. The color blocked option is one that would be fun to try, too. It’s a great way to use up some scraps. So, if you’re looking for a relaxed-fit tee, I can highly recommend this pattern which comes, not only in women’s sizing, but also in men’s. Thread Theory always has excellent, high-quality patterns, and this one is no exception.


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  1. I love that shoulder/neck stabilization and it would be worth buying the pattern to work out how they do it! (I have tried on my own and it has never worked out neat). I have been so disappointed with the quality of the knits particularly at Joanns, good to know they are upping their game!

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    • I love it too! You know, if I remember right, the free Stellan Tee from French Navy patterns also has that detail. It’s short-sleeved rather than long-sleeved, but if you just want to figure out that detail, that’s one more option. As for fabric, it’s always a pleasant surprise when Joann’s has good stuff that’s in a natural fiber. Hopefully they keep adding more.


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