dithyramb [dithuh-ram] noun:  any wildly enthusiastic speech or writing

Have you ever had something you were really excited about, and the more you talked about it, the more excited you got?  That’s how I feel about making things.  I’m not crazy-excited about everything in life, but when I make or discover something awesome…well…I want to tell EVERYONE about it!  This blog is the perfect outlet for all that enthusiasm.

Pattern and Branch

About Pattern and Branch

Pattern and Branch is a blog dedicated to exploration and curiosity, trying new things, and finding new ideas, largely through making things.  Much of that making at present is focused on sewing and photography, but I’m not ruling anything out.

About Lisa

Hi! My name is Lisa Poblenz. I love to try out new things and ideas. Sometimes my projects are successful (yea!) and sometimes…well, you’ll see. I loved making things growing up, and I still do. One of my early life aspirations was to write a book called, “How to Make Everything”.  I planned to LEARN IT ALL and write it all out so other people could learn it, too.  I also figured it would make me a very accomplished grandmother someday (or at least an accomplished old woman–you have to have dreams).

Fine art became an important part of my life in high school, and it’s also what I studied (along with Literature) in college. Since then, I’ve narrowed my scope a bit.  The aforementioned book is currently off the table, but I still like to try out lots of different things.  For that reason, I’ve decided that I like the term “maker”.  As a “maker”, you can create block prints, or you can sew clothing (etc., etc., etc.). I also love new ideas and inspiration, as well as connecting people to new ideas (and coffee, which fuels some of these new ideas).

Besides all of this, I live in New England, am married with two children, and am a Christian. I don’t have a home town, but grew up moving from place to place, courtesy of the U.S. Navy. I love fabric shopping, pizza, and checking out antiques. Sometimes I get a little geeky (read “REALLY excited”) about the things I’m interested in. I hope to share some of those things with you, so we can geek out together!