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Finished Projects: T-shirt and Scarf


Monday was my most productive project day in recent memory.  Actually, I forget a lot of stuff, so I’m having trouble remembering any day more productive on the creative project front.  It was a good day.

First up were the two secret Christmas presents I’ve been working on.  In truth, I finished one over the weekend, but they sort of go together in my mind, so I’m counting it as two.  Also, I was having an internal debate on just what the finishing touches would be, but now that that is decided, and those finishing touches have been added, they are done.  I’m looking forward to showing you after they’ve been delivered.

I also finished up a t-shirt.  I took a risk on some cottony-looking polyester fabric I found on sale at Joann Fabric and, rather than doing the neckline the way the pattern shows, I sewed on some beading that I cut off a silk jacket someone gave me.

New t-shirt by Pattern and Branch New t-shirt by Pattern and Branch New t-shirt by Pattern and Branch New t-shirt by Pattern and Branch


You can see from some of the close-up shots of the beading that it looks a little…fragile.  Also, it’s not perfect where I joined the ends of the beadwork, but I decided to throw perfection out the window and look at it as an experiment.  We’ll see what happens the first time I wash it.  I may need to post an update.  The edges of the shirt, sleeves, and beading are unfinished because I like that look.

The final project of the day was an infinity scarf.

Infinity scarf by Pattern and Branch

I’m not sure what to think about this one.  OK, truthfully, my first thought was “clown collar”.  It’s not a problem with the pattern–the pattern was lovely.  It’s just really long.  It’s so long that I can wrap it around my neck three times instead of two to make a figure 8.  I’m not sure what symbol can now describe this.  Is this good?  Is it a craft fail?  Should I chop some length off to make it shorter?   I’m not really sure.  I’ll have to wear it for a while and get back to you.  Even if it looks silly, it’s only clothes.  It’s only one day.

At the end of my super creative day, I even made up a grocery list.  I felt so accomplished.  The next day, I took a nap and watched TV.  You can’t be productive all the time, right?

I hope you have a great weekend and find some creative time in the midst of it.



The bird necklace

The bird necklace

The last featured necklace this week is one I made for a friend.  I think of it as “the bird necklace”.  I like the juxtaposition of the red and the natural wood and ivory.


The bird necklace


The bird necklace

This necklace is made from button/craft thread, unfinished wooden beads, a vintage button, and an ivory bird that I recycled from a vintage necklace.  You can find this thread very inexpensively at any large fabric store.  I think it costs a little more than a dollar and comes in nine colors.  It’s very strong and thicker than normal thread.  I used red, and I pulled it across a cake of beeswax several times, and then ironed it with a scrap of old t-shirt around it as a press cloth to strengthen it further and prevent it from tangling.  You could skip this step, but if you choose to do it, make sure to use a press cloth to protect your iron and ironing board (some of the dye from the thread came off on the cloth).  The beads are the same unfinished wooden beads I used in this post.  The bird, which I think is ivory (but I don’t really know) was from a necklace filled with small beads and birds that I got at a flea market.  It was a great necklace, but those little bird beaks were constantly poking me in the neck.  I decided they could be put to a better use, so I cut the necklace apart and sanded down the little beak just a bit for this necklace.

To make the necklace, I put the beads and the bird on the waxed thread in a pleasing arrangement, and then threaded the ends of the thread through the button a few times and tied a bow.  This way it can be untied and the length can be adjusted, if necessary.

You could make a necklace like this from any odds and ends you have around or that you find in craft stores and flea markets.  Here’s one of my finds from this summer that I hope to turn into…something.

Cow tags

Do you know what these are?  I didn’t, but I liked the graffic numbers and the material made me think of Bakelite (although I don’t know if it is Bakelite or not).

Guess what I found out about them?  They’re cow tags!  I didn’t grow up on a farm, so this was news to me.   The lady I bought them from said the previous owner was a farmer who used the tags to remember which cows he had milked.

What do you think I should do with them?  Earrings, maybe?  😉

Quick and easy necklace

Quick and easy necklace

Here’s the next quick necklace for you in our week of quick and easy necklaces.  This one is also inexpensive and very easy (and great if you are around children that like to tug on your jewelry).

Quick and easy necklace

This necklace is made of a strip of t-shirt material cut on the cross-grain and some one-half inch unfinished wooden beads from the craft store.

To make it, take an old t-shirt and cut a one and a half inch strip horizontally across the section that covers the stomach and back.  Then pull on the section like you are trying to stretch it out until it curls up.  Next, cut it open if there were no side seams or cut off the side seams if there were seams (giving you two shorter pieces).  The necklace can be made with the long piece or one of the shorter pieces depending on what you have.  Then thread the ends through the beads–as many as you want–and tie a knot in the end.  This part can be a little tricky, but it can be done!  I often rearrange my beads and sometimes I retie the knot to make the necklace shorter or longer.  You could paint the beads if you want to, but I like the unfinished look, and I’ve had people ask me where I got it or if I got it at J.Crew.  It’s great to say, “I made it!”