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Grainline Studio’s Hemlock Tee


I was on the quest for just the right shirt pattern to use my reversible striped knit on, and I got sucked in by the hype.  I had to try the free Hemlock Tee pattern by Grainline Studio.


Unlike most sewists in blog-land, this is my first Grainline pattern.  I’ve been tempted, but I haven’t taken the plunge, so this seemed like a good first try.


My overall feeling:  It’s not my favorite.

That being said, I’m sure it will get plenty of wear–it’s comfortable and will make a great addition to the lounge part of my wardrobe.  It was also a quick and easy make.  As far as style goes, it’s on trend with all the drop-shoulder and boxy cut business that is coming back in, but it’s not really doing anything for me.  The sleeves are also a bit awkward in that they are too long to be three-quarter length, but too short to be long.  There are lengthening lines, so you can make the length what you want, but at present, I’m not planning to make this again, with the possible exception of a sleeveless version like this one from Cut Cut Sew.




I do realize, however, that clothing trends have a way of working themselves into your brain so that what you at first dislike eventually becomes what you are wearing.  We’re all sheep (or lemmings?).  Maybe Grainline is just so far out ahead of me that in a year or two, I’ll circle back and start churning these out.  It’s very possible.  That’s what happened with me and Birkenstocks “back in the day” (I guess Birkenstock has had numerous “days”, but you get the point…), so you never know.  Until then, though, I’m going to file this one away.


And…in case you want fabric details, I made this from a neon knit sheet from the thrift store as well as white and silver scrap fabric from my racerback tank (a polyester knit originally from Joann’s, shown here in a different colorway) and yet another knit sheet from the thrift store, featured in this dress.  I was pretty psyched to find that neon sheet for test fabric.  You will be seeing more of it.  More test garments to come!  😉