I’m Featured on Makery!


Hi, Readers!  If you read the last post, you’ll know I’m currently entered in a competition called The Refashioners 2015.  The contest closed on Sunday, and now we are all waiting to see who will win.  Along with many other entries, you can see my jacket posted on the Makery blog.  The decision is supposed to be announced on Friday, and I’m really hoping to win!  Win or lose, though, I’m a better seamstress with much more knowledge than I had before the competition (and an awesome jacket).

For anyone who is new, here is the jacket I entered, made out of four men’s button down shirts:

The Refashioners Challenge 2015


The Refashioners Challenge 2015


The Refashioners Challenge 2015

Inner lining, front

The Refashioners Challenge 2015

Inner lining back

The Refashioners Challenge 2015

Front, showing inner lining

To see all the entries, you can look at the Refashioners 2015 Pinterest board here.  Wish me luck!



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