So Close! So Very, Very Close!


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Well, my friends, you may discern by the title of this post that I did not win the Refashioners 2015 contest.  I lost by a very narrow margin.  I’m certainly sad not to have won, but if I had to lose, I did lose out to a pretty cool project.  The winner, Mirjam Liechti, made a pair of PANTS out of a single shirt.  And they fit well and looked cool.  She also made a pretty impressive shirt as an additional entry.  You can read the whole thing over at the Makery blog.

Thanks so much to Portia of Makery and all those who helped to sponsor the contest.  It was such a great experience, and I’m very, very glad I participated.  It was so encouraging to know that I got so close.  I’m happy to have pushed myself, learned new techniques, made a jacket I love, and “met” so many new people on my blog as you all came over to check out my project.  Plus, it was fun to fully immerse myself in this creative endeavor.  Thanks also to everyone who helped me think through the process of creating my entry.  Putting out creative work and getting positive feedback is so valuable and always encourages me to make more.

The Refashioners Challenge 2015


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  1. Getting the win would’ve been awesome, but I still think you could make these for people! I know: lots of work, very labor intensive. You just have to charge a bunch! I’v already said I want one, I’m sure I’m not alone! Congrats to you, you’re a winner in my book!


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