Advanced Style


Do you think that fashion and style are only for the young?  Do you think that in order to be fashionable or stylish, you have to look like you are in your late teens or early 20’s?  If you have ever thought that or noticed that American culture seems to think that way, I have something that might make you see fashion and style in a new light.  Enter Advanced Style.  Ari Seth Cohen’s blog documents street style in those who have moved a bit beyond their 20’s, and it is truly inspiring.  When you see these men and women, whether or not they are dressed in a way that you would imitate, you see their courage and creativity.  Courage may sound like an odd word to use, but striking out on your own, stylistically, really does take guts.

I’m excited to see that he has a documentary coming out this month (tomorrow, actually)!  Here is the trailer:

If you see it, please tell us about it in the comments.  To me, it sounds like inspiration.






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