Fall Sewing


Seems like there hasn’t been much in the way of sewing on the blog lately.  There’s a reason for that.  I’ve been hard at work on secret Christmas presents for my two closest college friends and just in case they happen to read the blog, I don’t want to give anything away.  These projects are “due” at the end of the month, but after they are finished, I have some other projects in mind.  Here’s what I’m thinking for fall (and winter) sewing.

  • Distinctive long-sleeved t-shirts.

I’d like some interesting t-shirts that can be used for layering or on their own, so I’ll probably turn to Alabama Studio Sewing + Design for my pattern.

Fall Sewing with Pattern and Branch

Fall Sewing with Pattern and Branch

I have some beading from a deconstructed jacket that could be a cool accent as well as some crocheted pieces I could add.  I’m still thinking out what sort of fabric I want, but whatever it is, it needs to look and feel cozy.

  • A sweatshirt dress.

I’d love to wear leggings more, at least in the fall (before it’s freezing), but I’d like my rear end to stay covered (which would also keep me warmer).  Enter, the sweatshirt dress or tunic.  I’ve seen a few for sale (like this one), but I think it would be fun to sew one.  Here is an XL men’s sweatshirt I found at my favorite hunting grounds, the thrift store.  I’m hoping to turn it into my sweatshirt dress.

Fall/Winter Sewing (Pattern and Branch)

Fall/Winter Sewing (Pattern and Branch)


Fall/Winter Sewing (Pattern and Branch)

That will be a trial and error project.  The key mental element is not to get too attached to the piece in case it should end up as a Craft Fail.

  • Anna Maria Horner’s free pattern/instructions for the Figure 8 Scarf.

(Here’s a link to the post where you can find the picture that inspired me.)  I’ve been wanting to make this scarf for years, so I’m hoping to have it done by the time those secret Christmas presents get finished.

Incidentally, Anna Maria Horner’s blog is one of my all-time favorites.  This amazing lady is over-the-top creative and has done so many things (including fabric design, painting, pattern design, and a host of needlework related things), but what comes through most clearly in her blog is her deep, deep love for her family.  Her blog seems to be largely about her creative endeavors, but her love of her family shines through even more brightly.  She has a warm and genuine voice that makes you sure that if you were neighbors, you would be friends.  She doesn’t post every day, but every post is worth waiting for.  I highly recommend her blog and her work.

  • The ultimate winter skirt.

For years I have dreamed of creating a floor-length skirt that is lined with something soft and warm like fleece or faux fur.  It would look like a normal skirt from the outside, but feel like you are wearing a cozy blanket!  It would be awesome!

Actually, a friend told me that Burberry has brought out the poncho for this year–not the ponchos you’ve seen in the last few years that have some shaping and a neckhole, but basically a blanket that you wrap around yourself and call a poncho, so…what if I wore (1) my ultimate winter skirt, with (2) a “poncho” (i.e. blanket) around my shoulders, and (3) my new-to-me plaid flannel shirt (which I suspect is actually a pajama top)?!  It would be like being in bed, but you would look perfectly acceptable!  This seems pretty brilliant to me.  Not only would I be appropriate, warm, and cozy, I would also look high-fashion…ish.  Sounds like a winner if I ever heard of one.

Oh!  Here’s a look at the vintage pattern I bought that I am hoping to lengthen to make the skirt:

Fall/Winter Sewing (Pattern and Branch)

Vintage Vogue 6491

Fall/Winter Sewing (Pattern and Branch)

In case you are wondering, I bought this pattern on Etsy from a vintage pattern shop called Studio G Patterns, which shipped it to me with lightning speed.  I should write a review–they were great.

Of course I have a million more ideas, and things could shift and change as the fall and winter progress, but I love the project planning, even if everything doesn’t get made.  What are thinking of making or buying for the upcoming season?


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  1. I love al of your ideas.

    I might need to come visit winter just for an excuse to wear your poncho/PJ/blanket skirt combo. That sounds epic.


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